My thoughts on yoga and how I teach:

I love yoga and want to convince the world that it’s for everyone. Many people think that yoga is about contorting yourself into awesome pretzel shapes or balancing on your nose, but it’s really about the breath. It’s about breathing and being present. About finding a beautiful balance between being engaged and being relaxed. About finding a sense of calm while also finding strength. It’s amazing, and it requires no special abilities.

As we find our spots on our mats, yoga offers us the opportunity to get to know ourselves in our bodies, in our thought processes and in our emotions. And most importantly, it teaches us to care for ourselves lovingly as we watch ourselves unfold, grow and strengthen.

One of the most important and amazing things about yoga and why I want the world to know about it, is that with a regular practice, something powerful begins to happen. The sense of calm and strength we learn how to find in class starts to sneak its way off the yoga mat and into our lives, bringing more balance into our work, our play and our relationships. It’s pretty miraculous really.

I have several different classes that I teach but I generally teach a “slow flow,” which allows us to hold postures a little longer than your average class, while still finding movement. I’d like to note that “slow” is often mistaken as easy. These classes can definitely be challenging… but in a way that allows you to approach each posture at your level. (I don’t believe in beating ourselves up on the yoga mat 🙂 )

For students that are brand new to yoga, I’m happy to offer a 30 minute private class for us to get to know each other and to help you get comfortable with some of the main postures. You’re also welcome to just jump right into a class. They’re accessible for beginners as I like to offer many options. Feel free to email me to find a time that works for you or to get on the email list for any of the group classes.

As far as pricing goes, there are also options… and you’ll find payment details at the bottom of this page.

Group classes:

Group in-person or zoom classes are $3, $5, $10 or free. You choose. (With the exception of the Tuesday morning class below.) Some people choose to accept my offer of free yoga and others prefer to pay. It’s totally up to you. The most important thing to me is that you join me! 

Sunday morning 60-minute Slow Flow at 10:00am (CST):
This is an outdoor class when the weather is nice (June through September). I send an email reminder the morning of class. (This is also where I might announce if a class is cancelled for the day.) This class meets at Lucia Crest Park for those who are in my town.

Tuesday morning 45-minute Gentle-ish Yoga 10:00am (CST):
This class runs as six-week sessions and takes place at Midvale Community Lutheran Church for those who are in my town. Please sign up through the church website. Suggested payment is $50 for the full six weeks. I will send email reminders the morning of class. (This is also where I might announce if a class is cancelled for the day.) Gentle-ish yoga entails sitting on the floor, lying on our backs, and coming into balancing and warrior postures, but we come into them in a softer way and we don’t change back and forth between standing and floor postures with any kind of frequency. During the summer months (June – September), this class may meet at Westmorland Park. This is yet to be determined for 2024.

Wednesday evening 30-minute Slow Flow 6:00pm (CST):
Zoom only. (This class is on hold until further notice)

Private classes:

A one-time 30-minute beginner’s private lesson is $30.

Specially designed 30-minute video for you:

I make specially designed videos for whatever it is you’d like to work on. Let me know what you need and possibly what you need to avoid and I’ll create a sequence for you and record it. The video will be for you alone to use as needed. Cost is $100.


If you could please print, sign and text a picture of this waiver back to me at 608-354-4102 (or email that would be great. Once your signed waiver has been received, you’ll be added to the next outgoing email for any of the classes you’re interested in. Just let me know which one(s). (Or if you’re in my town and want me to bring a waiver to your first class, let me know and we’ll do it that way.)

Looking forward to seeing you on your mat! 🙂


“Marie’s classes are calm and meditative while also being rigorous and challenging. She perfectly cues postures and breath and suggests modifications to suit yogis of all levels so practices are easy to follow and accessible for all levels. I always leave class feeling fully stretched and relaxed. I’ve had many yoga instructors during my 25+ years of practice, and Marie is one of my favorites.” -Andie

“What I love most about Marie’s classes (aside from her amazing calming/soothing voice) is how well she explains the adjustments/intricacies of even the most basic postures. I’m continually learning better ways to practice and I come out of class feeling ready to take on my day with positivity and peace.” -Emily S.

“I really look forward to the weekly yoga classes with Marie! It is the one time of the week when everything comes to a halt and I can just relax, clear my mind and enjoy. Marie has a warm and inspiring personality and really lives and breathes what she teaches. Being in her class has helped me emotionally, spiritually, and physically to alleviate my back pain.” -Corinna C.

“I’ve taken both in-person and online classes from Marie, and she also made a custom, recorded yoga session for me, which is great for me to squeeze into my unpredictable schedule. Marie’s style is calming, patient, and centered. She does a great job explaining the nuances of where your body should be in a certain pose so you never feel lost. Doing my custom session regularly has made a huge difference in reducing my neck and back pain! It has also given me a beautiful, meditative space to focus on my breath and body each day. I highly recommend yoga with Marie in all its forms!” -Kate J.

“I love love love Marie’s yoga classes and I’m not big on yoga in general. She’s able to teach to everyone’s level at the same time, whether it’s for the super bendy people who are turning it up a notch or making poses accessible for the unflexible people like me without making me feel less than. Marie exudes warmth and caring from every pore of her being and I truly enjoy being in her presence.” -Susen S.

Payment options:

Venmo: @Marie-Nordeng
Zelle: or 608-354-4102


Marie Nordeng