If you’re open to Reiki Energy Healing, curious about it or have never heard of it, I’ll do my best to explain here… It’s a little weird. 🙂

What is Energy?

When people say that they’re sending you love, good vibrations and healing energy, I’d like to offer the idea that this is something real that’s moving from them to you, with Divine (Universal, Energetic, Loving) guidance.

We all have systems of energy that run through us, around us and between us. We have energy centers in our bodies called chakras, and they have a lot to say about our own physical, emotional and spiritual health… and we want to keep those energies flowing and moving for optimal health, happiness and connection.

Another way I like to bring a little more awareness to what energy is, is to ask you to consider times in your life when you or someone close to you “knew” something, like the exact moment to make a phone call or to leave a situation that didn’t feel right, or to follow an instinct to go somewhere that did feel right, to learn that it was exactly what was needed. I offer that in addition to our natural and learned instincts that are often at work, this “knowing” is what it feels like to be in touch with the energies that are running through our lives at all times.

What is Reiki Energy Healing?

Reiki is defined as Universal Life Energy. It is a healing energy vibration that has the potential to help us shift, learn, grow and heal emotionally, physically and spiritually by cleansing and charging our chakras and energy systems, removing blockages and helping us to connect with our best and highest selves. (Yoga actually helps loosen and move those energies as well, which is why you feel a special kind of great after a really good yoga class.)

As a Reiki practitioner, I’m able to act as an instrument to help those healing energies flow to you for better balance. It’s not me who’s deciding what’s best for your healing. I simply act as a channel for what you and your higher self are ready to receive. This practice is available to you in person or as is done in prayer, I can connect with you from a distance.

Thanks so much for reading up to this point. It’s a lot to take in! If you’re intrigued and want to learn more, and think you might even like to try a session with me, please keep reading. 

What should I expect from a session?

Each session is close to an hour, and although they can vary from person to person, here’s a basic idea of what you can expect…

When you come in for an in-person session, if it’s comfortable for you, I’ll have you relax face-up on a massage table (no, you won’t be getting a body massage but you will be getting a soul massage 🙂 ) I’ll explain a little bit about the locations of the chakras and how I lay my hands down on the parts of your body where the chakras are located. I sometimes float my hands above the area instead and can do either. (This is not unlike the laying-on-of-hands that we see throughout history in many different faiths… for example, what is a pastor, priest, rabbi doing exactly when they hover hands over you and offer blessings?) The practice of Reiki is to simply allow Divine Reiki Energy to flow to the chakras and surrounding energy system and body. Then I may have you flip onto your stomach so we can do it again. We can also do shorter sessions or sessions sitting in a chair if you prefer.

Most people find this to be a relaxing experience. Many people take a nap and wake up feeling very calm and centered. For those who feel this way, they may like to return for their “soul massages” with a similar frequency as others do for body massages. This is very welcome. Some people even feel the movement of the energy as I work and some start to release energy in a way that also releases some forgotten memories or emotions. All of these are normal and for your highest good and healing.

Something to note here is that if during or after the session, memories or emotions do come up (joy, excitement, sadness, anger, fear…), it’s helpful to simply gently and lovingly look at them with openness and curiosity (or go ahead and allow yourself to be angry or sad or joyful and let it flow out). All of this is what helps us get to the source, in order to start learning, accepting, growing, opening, or releasing all of that which is not serving us. It is not uncommon for Reiki to pull up old memories. And whether they are simple memories or difficult ones, they may represent a time in our lives where decisions were made regarding how we think about life or ourselves or relationships or love, and they are coming up for exploration. 

And finally, because energy flows between us even at great distances, as mentioned, we don’t need to be right in front of each other for a session. We can do what’s called a “distance healing,” where you simply find a place to rest in your home while I connect with your energy to do the work.


“Marie is a wonderful teacher and healer, who I highly recommend. These have been my first experiences with Reiki and her calm, comforting energy and simple guidance really put me at ease. My sessions have been long distance, but I feel a strong connection with her energy right away. I am truly surprised at how light and refreshed my spirit feels afterwards! I am also grateful for the insight and reflection she provides at the end of the session. These experiences have helped me learn and appreciate the capacity we have to heal ourselves and each other. I can’t wait for my next session!” -Nicole F.

“Marie is an excellent Reiki practitioner! She asks for my intentions or needs at the start of each session and is always respectful of my physical and/or emotional concerns.  I felt an immediate connection with her and know that she is meant to do this work! She is very gifted and I appreciate her gentle approach. The messages that she receives during my sessions have been spot-on and very beneficial to my personal growth. I feel blessed to know her!” -Kay B.

“Thanks again for the Reiki session. It was so helpful in centering me and putting me in a place where I could talk to all of my friends about my mom’s passing without breaking down in tears. The session was like a waking dream and meditation all rolled into one. After the experience I felt like I was calm, relaxed, centered, and clear of mind no matter what I wanted to think about… Thank you!” -Brian B.

Extra thoughts on deep healing:

Some people come to Reiki for the deep sense of relaxation they receive and some come in for particular healing in some area of their lives and/or bodies.

Regarding healing, something that comes to mind for me is how a part of this process is actually agreeing that you want to be healed. That might sound a little strange at first but in making that choice, it’s important to explore the thoughts, ideas and feelings that might come up, and ask ourselves some strange but good questions… and to pause for each answer.

  • Why do I want to heal?
  • Is there any benefit in choosing not to heal? Do I believe that my pain or suffering is helping me or serving me in some way?
  • Does choosing to heal feel scary? (Healing means change and transformation, looking at truths and new possibilities or choices for your life, so this feeling isn’t uncommon.)
  • Do I think I deserve to heal? (This is a big one. The answer to deserving to heal is most certainly yes but sometimes we aren’t convinced. There may be some lack of self-forgiveness or self-love. In this case, this is where the healing will most certainly begin.)
  • Am I ready? (You can be sure that some level of healing gets in whether you are perfectly ready or not, but being ready helps 🙂 )

And this is important too… it’s important not to blame ourselves for our pain or suffering but rather to look lovingly at if there is anything that might be standing in the way of our moving forward. And even if we think we’re dealing with something that seems impossible to heal, if we remain open, then the level of healing that is available to us, will be there for us.

I’m looking forward to working with you on our shared journeys. 🙏



For many practitioners, healing work is a beautiful and life-fulfilling career, and so there needs to be a sometimes significant charge for time and talent to sustain this life choice. For me, healing work is usually offered as a gift to those in my life or to those whose paths I cross on their healing journey. With that said, I’ve worked hard on understanding and accepting the exchange that seems necessary for this kind of work and have decided that some compensation for time spent is okay. Sessions will generally be somewhere between 45 to 60 minutes for either distance or in-person healings. Here are some options for you to decide about…

  • Regular pricing can be on a sliding scale from $40 to $80. You choose what’s right for you… and please don’t think too hard about the amount. Just pick what feels right, and it will be right for me too.
  • I’m also happy to do trade business if this is an option for you instead.
  • And definitely contact me if cost or gifting is an issue because I strongly believe that healing should be accessible for everyone, and I’m very happy and thankful to be able to offer this work.

Thank you so much for reading all of these details! Please text or email me with any additional questions or if you’d like to schedule a session.

Payment options:

Venmo: @Marie-Nordeng
Zelle: or 608-354-4102


Marie Nordeng