I’ve always loved singing. I sang in choirs my whole young life and as a kid I poked around on the piano and played a little by ear (never had enough personal discipline to stick with any lessons). At age 15 I picked up a guitar and taught myself enough chords to write my first song. Since then, I’ve gotten somewhat better at guitar but mostly play well enough to accompany myself for the songs I write.

Oh! This is super cool! When I was 18, I was given the opportunity to join a youth group traveling to Italy for a huge fest for unity, and was asked to participate in a song and dance performance where I got to lead a group song on a huge stage for like 20,000 people. It was an awesome experience of love, unity, sharing and fun. Youth from all over the world were there to give testimony that they believed a united world was possible, and the place was just pulsating with joy and hope. Our world is feeling particularly broken at the moment but I truly believe that we’re experiencing some seriously bad growing pains and will get there.

Listen to “Songs of Freedom” from the 1995 Genfest in Italy

Marie trying to get in a practice with the kids around

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