This page is just for fun. A sneak-peek into my family. 🙂 I’m a mother of three, a wife of one, the youngest of seven… and the youngest of 32 grandkids!!! (That means I have 31 first-cousins people.)

A poem for my family and those dear to me…

Dragon’s Treasure – by Marie Nordeng

I am a dragon
I am strong and unusual and something to behold
But there is nothing much mysterious about me

I will protect you fiercely
Express myself imposingly
And keep you safe and warm
While you embrace the knowing
That you are loved beyond measure
For you are my treasure

The Sopalas

Picture of the Sopala family
This one arrived like a month after that big picture was taken, making 14 grandkids for this generation!

The Nordengs

Gramma Belcher’s 75th birthday in December of 1979.
I was turning three, and this party, and even the taking of this picture, is one of my youngest memories.

Picture from 1979 celebrating Gramma Belcher's 75th birthday